Providing resources to Pastors, Worship Leaders, musicians, singers, songwriters and sound techs in achieving the goal of shared glory in your corporate worship services.

Songs for Corporate Worship

David Ayres

David explains the shortcomings of many worship songs written for the church today. He explains what to look for in choosing songs for your church, and if you are a songwriter, what to consider when writing for your congregation.

What is a Worship Leader?

David Ayres

What is a worship leader? Churches put all sorts of different titles on their lead musician, singer, whoever. But what is it to actually lead worship? What is the goal? How do you pick song lists? How do you lead the congregation? Hear the Holy Spirit? Lead a band? How does your personal worship factor into corporate worship?

David tries to answer these and other questions. These six short videos try to provide an overview and guidelines for what it means to be a worship leader: A person who really leads people in worship.