A few questions you might think of...

1Does this cost anything?
Not at all. We just want to do anything we can to support corporate worship in the local church.
2How are songs picked?
Songs are picked based on the criterion stated elsewhere. Corporate songs have to truthful, singable, and scalable. Corporate songs have been used in our gatherings and we won't share them unless they work! Special songs don't have the same criterion as they are not necessarily being sung by everyone in the room, but they still have to be biblically based.
3As as songwriter, how does copyright and distribution work?
You retain all copyright and control. If for some reason you had songs posted here and wanted to remove them for because of agreements with third-parties (studios, labels, etc.) we will happily remove them. We claim no ownership over your works.
4How can I get involved?
Email doxologyworshipstl@gmail.com if you have questions, want to setup a chat with leadership, or have songs to potentially share on this platform. We want to build relationships with pastors and worship leaders. Please reach out!